Pertamina Fastron Gold

Pertamina Fastron Gold

High performance synthetic oil
SAE 5W-30
4 Litres
Gasoline Engine Oil for modern cars and CBUs

Made in Indonesia
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Product Description

FASTRON GOLD SAE 5W-30 is a synthetic premium quality engine oil.

FASTRON GOLD SAE 5W-30 meets below performance level:
– ACEA C3-12
– MB-Approval 229.51
– BMW Long Life 04
– GM Dexos 2

Offers optimum acceleration and excellent oxidation stability that gives durable performance in all driving condition; high speed, stop and go, or heavy traffic. Excellent shear stability and high performance additives provide engine cleanliness and maximum protection from excessive wear. Low evaporation level that gives low oil consumption and optimum lubrication. Compatible with modern exhaust emission system technology. Support fuel economy improvement.


FASTRON GOLD SAE 5W-30 is highly recommended for the latest car generation from the leading car manufacturers, that operate under extreme condition especially gasoline engine with exhaust after treatment devices.

Additional Information

Weight: 5kg
Size: 1L, 5L

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